Michigan's Driver Education

  • Teen at wheelDriving is a complex activity involving an ever-changing set of circumstances and conditions. It requires practice, skills and knowledge. Therefore, educating novice drivers of basic skills and control tasks, and providing them guidance in making good decisions when driving, is critical. 

    The Secretary of State certifies and regulates driver education providers and instructors and has committed to ensure the safety of all those who share the highways in Michigan. Part of this commitment is the promotion of professional driver training to provide a foundation of the proper skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will allow drivers to operate safely for decades into the future. 

    CARS LogoThe Secretary of State has launched a new modernized system that brings more efficient, convenient services for providers and instructors called CARS e-Services system. This improvement in technology will pave the way for more self-service options in addition to helping the department move towards electronic records and eliminating paperwork for customers by utilizing the CARS e-Services system. Please look for an email that was sent to you with your authorization code and instructions on how to create your CARS e-Services account, in addition to your MiLogin account as well. We are excited about this new system and continually working with you!  

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