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Present appropriate documentation
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Knowledge, Road Signs and Vision Tests
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Driving Skills Test
Step 6:
Return to a Secretary of State Office

Note: Only U.S. citizens and residents with temporary or permanent legal presence may apply for a Michigan driver's license.


- "What Every Driver Must Know"

- "Driving Skills Test Study Guide"


Present documentation of the following:

- Social Security number or letter of ineligibility

- U.S. citizenship or legal presence

- Identity

- Michigan residency


Pass vision test, road signs test and physical standards

Pass knowledge test - given at a Secretary of State office, required to get a TIP

Pay $25 fee for TIP:

- Valid for 180 days

- Required to take driving skills test

Must have a TIP to practice driving

Must be with a licensed adult or driver education instructor

Must practice for at least 30 days

Given by third-party testing organization

Fees and hours vary

Test consists of two parts:

- Basic control skills

- On-the-road driving requirements


After passing skills test, take skills test certificate, TIP and identification to Secretary of State office

License will be issued

A limited-term license will be issued to residents who have temporary legal presence

No fee

Restrictions may apply for medical conditions

First license - three-year probation