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On-line Plate Fee Calculator is available for your convenience.

Michigan law [Michigan Vehicle Code (MCL 257.217(4)] requires dealers to apply for title and registration on behalf of their customers. When a customer needs a new plate, the dealer must calculate the plate fee and record this information on the RD-108, Application for Michigan Title - Statement of Vehicle Sale.

The Plate Fee Calculator was developed to assist dealers in calculating these fees. The program quickly calculates common original and transfer/renewal license plate fees. Using the plate fee calculator will minimize plate fee errors, ensuring quicker turn-around time when you submit RD-108s. We suggest you bookmark the new website for easy future access.

Base Prices and Plate Fee Charts are available on the SOS Web site. If you find you need help calculating a plate fee, call the Department of State Information Center at 1-888-767-6424 for assistance.