Six new fundraising license plates unveiled

March 1, 2001


Michigan motorists got their first glimpse of Michigan's latest fundraising license plates with today's unveiling of the state's six Specialty License Plates by Secretary of State Candice S. Miller.


The Specialty License Plates will go on sale April 2. Money from the license plate sales will support six state-supported causes: agricultural heritage, children, lighthouses, water quality, wildlife habitat, and veterans.


"I am pleased to unveil the final six fundraising license plates, crowning a program that began with our 15 University License Plates," Secretary Miller said. "If there's one undisputed thing that can be said about Michigan, it's that we love our vehicles. These fundraising license plates provide residents with the perfect opportunity to financially support their favorite cause while displaying their support every time they get behind the wheel."


Residents buying a Specialty License Plate will pay $35 in addition to their annual registration fee. Twenty-five dollars of the $35 is earmarked for the cause, with the remaining $10 paying for the production and mailing of the license plate. Residents wishing to personalize their plate pay an extra $30. A Specialty Disability License Plate is also available.


Every time a Specialty License Plate is renewed, a $10 fee is collected for the cause. Residents with personalized plates will also pay a $15 personalized plate fee when renewing.


The six plates feature a colorful logo and a representative word or phrase highlighting the cause:

  • Agricultural Heritage: Highlighting a red barn, silo and rolling green fields crowned with the sun, the Agricultural Heritage Plate supports agriculture educational programs for grades K-12.

  • Children: With red hearts and a touching message of "Just Love ‘Em," the Children's Trust Fund Plate raises funds to prevent child abuse and neglect.

  • Lighthouse: With its striking red-and-white stripes, the White Shoal Lighthouse is set against the blue waters of Lake Michigan to symbolize the need to preserve all 124 of Michigan's lighthouses. The White Shoal Lighthouse is located 20 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge.

  • Veterans Memorial: Featuring a pair of silver dog tags as a reminder of the men and women who have served their country, the Veterans Memorial Plate supports the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

  • Water Quality: A red sailboat cuts through Michigan's deep blue waters under a cheery orange sun, bringing the message of the importance of protecting the state's water, our most valuable resource.

  • Wildlife Habitat: Against a backdrop of trees, the distinctive black-and-white loon and her chick rest in quiet waters, highlighting the need to protect Michigan's nongame wildlife and habitat.


All plates have common design elements, including a blue bar with the word "Michigan" across the top, a highly reflective off-white background sheeting and blue letters and/or numbers.


Specialty License Plates may be ordered by mail, fax or in person at a Secretary of State branch office. Order forms will be included with registration renewal notices beginning April 2. Residents may also obtain order forms online.

All Specialty License Plates will be processed and mailed to customers from the department's central office in Lansing.