Rebuilt Vehicles

After a vehicle titled with a salvage title has been repaired or rebuilt, it can be titled and registered for road use again. The vehicle must first pass an inspection by a specially-trained law enforcement officer. After the inspection, a new title is issued with the legend "REBUILT SALVAGE." This legend alerts future owners the vehicle was once "totaled" by an insurance company. A license plate can be issued when the "rebuilt" title application is processed.

There is a recertification fee of up to $100 paid to the law enforcement agency that performs the inspection.

Inspection Process

Owners who wish to have their salvage vehicle recertified for road use need to complete a TR-13A Application for Salvage Vehicle Inspection form before taking the vehicle to a certified salvage inspector. A licensed mechanic with the appropriate specialty must complete Part 4 of the TR-13A form certifying that repairs to the vehicle were completed in a workmanlike manner. 

The salvage vehicle inspection officer will complete a TR-13B Salvage Vehicle Recertification form. The officer will:

  1. Verify ownership of the repair parts used. The vehicle owner must present a properly assigned title or bills of sale for parts used in rebuilding the vehicle.
  2. Inspect the vehicle to verify it complies with all Michigan Vehicle Code equipment and safety requirements.
  3. Complete and issue a TR-13B form to the applicant.

Converting Salvage Title to "Rebuilt" Title

Owners who have had their vehicle repaired and recertified as described above can now convert their salvage title to a "Rebuilt" title. This step allows the vehicle to be registered for road use again. You will need to bring the following with you to a Secretary of State branch office:

  1. The salvage title
  2. The Application for Salvage Vehicle Inspection form (TR-13A)
  3. A copy of the Salvage Vehicle Recertification for (TR-13B) issued by the salvage vehicle inspector

The branch office will process a "rebuilt" title application. A license plate may be purchased or transferred at this time. Or you may purchase a 30-day or 60-day permit. Proof of Michigan no-fault insurance is required. The $15 title fee ($16 if a lien is being added or removed from the title), tax (if ownership is changing), and the registration fee are due.

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