Renewing Your License Plate

Renewing Your License Plate

License plates for individually owned vehicles, light trucks and motorcycles typically expire on the owner's birthday and not at the end of the month. The Secretary of State usually mails renewal notices 45 days before your plates expire. To avoid late fees, verify your expiration date by checking your vehicle registration. The Secretary of State offers four convenient methods of renewing: Online, Mail, Self-Service Station and Secretary of State offices.

Your Renewal Options

Select the renewal method that works best for you. Online and mail renewal services provide convenient alternatives to visiting a Secretary of State office. You will receive a license plate tab showing the month and year of expiration. Place the tab on your plate as soon as you receive it.*

  • Motorcycle plates - place the tab in the lower-right corner of the plate.
  • All other plates - place the tab in the upper-right corner of the plate.

 Renew Online:

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard or Discover. A nominal processing fee may be charged.

Renewal by Mail:

  • Accepts check and money order.
  • Order new plates
  • Update your address information on your registration

(Proof of Michigan no-fault insurance is required when renewing by mail.)

Renewal by Self-Service Station:

  • Located at many Secretary of State offices and some local government offices
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  A nominal processing fee will be charged.
  • Issues a tab and registration immediately

(Use the Branch Office Locator to find the Self-Service Station nearest to you.)

 Secretary of State offices:

  • Accept cash, check, money orders, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. A nominal 1.75-percent processing fee will be charged at the counter for credit or debit card use.
  • Order new plates
  • Update your address information on your registration
  • The plate owner or someone living at the owner's address must appear to process license plate renewals.  If a person representing the plate owner does not live at the same address as the plate owner, the representative must submit an appointment of agent from the vehicle owner along with a photocopy of the vehicle owner's drivers license or state ID card.

(Proof of Michigan no-fault insurance is required when renewing at a Secretary of State office.  Use the Branch Office Locator to find the office nearest to you.)


* NOTE: The Michigan Vehicle Code now provides a 30-day grace period to affix a license plate tab when a license plate is renewed (MCL 257.255).  Be sure to carry proof of your renewed registration in the vehicle – either a paper copy or an electronic copy on a smart phone, tablet, or other device.