Personalized Plates

Image: Plate It Your Way

You can check the availability of a personalized plate with the department's online service,
Plate It Your Way.

Personalized (vanity) license plates may be purchased in lieu of regular license plates for passenger vehicles, motor homes, buses, pickups, vans, hearses and motorcycles. Vehicles titled as "utility" or registered with a Gross Vehicle Weight plate are not eligible.

Personalized plates are available in the standard, Spectacular Peninsulas, veteran, fundraising and special cause series. Applications for personalized plates are processed only at Secretary of State offices. Owners receive a receipt pending Department of State approval. Approved personalized plates are mailed to the owner from Lansing within three weeks.

When personalizing a plate, you will pay for the plate (and your registration fee if purchase is made when renewing the vehicle's registration) plus an initial $30 service fee. The $30 service fee is prorated for the number of months until the plate's expiration date. If your vehicle is already registered, the time remaining on your current plate may be used as credit toward the new personalized plate. The expiration date remains the same. An additional fee is due if you decide to change the style of the plate on your vehicle when ordering the personalized plate (for example, changing from a standard plate to a Spectacular Peninsulas or Mackinac Bridge personalized plate).

Normally, owners are sent one personalized plate. At the time of application, however, owners have the option of ordering a second personalized plate for an additional fee. This second plate may not be used for vehicle registration purposes.

Letter combinations and restrictions on personalized plate selections are as follows:

  • The number of characters allowed depends upon the license plate design and vehicle type.
  • Some plate designs are not available for certain vehicle types (such as motorcycles).
  • Spaces are allowed and are counted as characters.
  • Only letters and numbers (A-Z, 0-9) are allowed on personalized plates. Other characters are not allowed.
  • Selections cannot use the same letter/number combinations used with any standard or specialty license plate sequence.

Final approval of the personalized plate selection is granted by the Department of State.

Image: Plate It Your Way License Plate