Lighthouse Preservation

Lighthouse Preservation License Plate

Michigan began issuing specialty license plates in April of 2001 to raise money for several state-supported causes. Michigan lighthouses have been protecting ships from treacherous waters since the establishment of Michigan’s first lighthouse, the Fort Gratiot Light, in 1825. More than 240 lighthouses once guarded Michigan’s shores; today only about 124 of these iconic beacons remain. Your purchase of a lighthouse license plate helps provide the revenue needed to ensure that Michigan’s lighthouses will have a bright future.

University and special cause fundraising plates can only be used on non-commercial passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans, and motor homes. Motorcycles, trailers, and vehicles used commercially are not eligible for these plates.

You can order the specialty license plates by mail, fax, or at any Secretary of State branch office. The plate will be mailed to you within 14 business days from the date the plate is ordered.

To purchase a plate by mail or fax, complete and print the Lighthouse Preservation License Plate Order Form.

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