Clean Slate to Drive

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    As of Oct. 1, 2021, changes in state laws reclassify certain violations as civil infractions and restrict when some violations may suspend your driver's license. These qualifying violations and any sanctions or suspensions connected to them will no longer be enforced and will be cleared from driving records providing drivers with an opportunity to have their driving privileges reinstated.

    If you are impacted by these changes, the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) is mailing you a letter. The letter is being sent to the address listed on your driving record and has been posted to your Secretary of State online services account. The letter lists the violations and suspensions that will be cleared from your record and states if you need to take additional action to resume driving. If you have violations or suspensions on your record that are not impacted by the changes in law, you will not be eligible to resume driving until they are cleared. You can purchase a copy of your driving record through your Secretary of State online services account.

Access your online account & get your driving record

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    To obtain your driving record, please visit and select Online Services. On this page, locate the panel titled Driver's License and ID and select the More Driver Services link. Then, follow the prompts to create or log into your account.

    Once you are past the MiLogin screen, pull up your profile page in online services and select "Request Driving Record" from the menu to the right side of the page. Please follow the prompts to purchase your record.

    After submitting your payment information, you will see a screen summarizing your transaction and providing the option to print your receipt and view transaction documents. Select the "View Transaction Documents" button to access your driving record (ignore the button labeled "Request Driving Record" - this will take you back to the beginning of the transaction).

    Please note, the link for your electronic driving record is only accessible for seven days once you order it. During the seven-day period, you may view your driving record as many times as you need to. Log into your account and choose the option to "View Transaction History" to access it. We recommend you save your driving record to your device so that you may conveniently view it for more than seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What violations are covered by the change in the law?

    There are more than 100 violations that were impacted by these new laws and many of the sanctions being cleared from driving records will involve license suspensions for failing to comply with court judgement - such as failing to pay a ticket or court fee (FCJ), or for failing to appear in court (FAC). In addition, the law also clears holds on driver's license renewals for parking ticket (FCPV) and disability parking ticket (FCDV) violations. 

    The process for determining which violations, convictions, and licensing actions will be cleared involved several factors, including the type of violation, the sanctions and suspensions that were levied, and how other sections of the law affect their implementation. 

    Drivers will be informed by the department via letter if their driving records were impacted by the changes, and whether they may be eligible to regain their driving privileges. Because of the complexity of this new law, drivers are encouraged to contact an attorney or legal-aid service if they have any questions or concerns about their driving record or how to reinstate their driving privileges. Drivers are advised to purchase a copy of their driving record when seeking legal advice.

    Will the FCJ/FAC suspensions be removed from my driving record altogether?

    Even though the qualifying violations, FCJ/FAC suspensions, and other sanctions will be marked as cleared and are no longer in effect, they will still appear as entries on your driving record.

    Where can I go for additional information or help?

    The Department of State will be hosting information sessions and virtual clinics in the coming weeks for drivers with questions. Please revisit this web page for updates and more information.

    Additional resources and help are available through the following local and state organizations: