Driver Education Instructor Application Packet

An individual may not provide instruction (classroom or behind-the-wheel) for any driver education provider prior to receipt of an instructor certificate. In addition, an applicant for conditional instructor certification may not participate in their practicum course prior to receipt of a conditional instructor approval. Applicant must: 

  1. Submit:
    1. DES-015 Original / Conditional Instructor Application for Driver Education Instructor Certificate.

    2. DES-016 Medical Examination Report.

    3. Instructor Prep Coursework Verification (not required of truck driver training instructor applicants).


  2. Schedule Criminal Background Check, please visit the Michigan State Police private live scan vendor.

    1. Livescan Fingerprint Background Check Request; you are required to take the completed form with you to be fingerprinted.  You must submit the completed Livescan Fingerprint Background Check Request form to the Driver Education Section along with your application.

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