Multiple Vehicle Driving Facility (Range) Information

A teen driver education provider that intends to provide behind-the-wheel instruction utilizing a "range" must submit a separate Multiple Vehicle Driving Facility (Range) Original Application for Teen Driver Education Program (DES-023) for each range facility.

"Multiple vehicle driving facility" means the part of a driver education course that enables the driver education instructor, from a position outside the vehicle, and using electronic or oral communication, to teach and supervise several students simultaneously, each of whom is operating a vehicle at an off-street facility specifically designed for that type of instruction. 

The range should meet the following criteria: 

  • Course Dimensions - Minimum 150' x 300'

  • Number of Vehicles - No less than 4 cars

  • Identifiable Lane Markings - Paint, tape, or cones

  • Communication Device - Instructor positioned outside of vehicles, using some type of one-way or two-way device (including megaphone).

  • Duration - Maximum of one hour of instruction per day for each student. Maximum of two hours of driving instruction may be counted toward the total required 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

  • Lessons - Instruction must include: 2-way traffic, and point(s) of conflict (intersection).

  • Lane markings and traffic signs should be utilized.

Required for approval:

Completed Multiple Vehicle Driving Facility (Range) Original Application for Teen Driver Education Program (DES-023).

  • The $125.00 original approval fee. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the State of Michigan. All providers must pay this fee, including educational institutions and governmental agencies.

  • Detailed diagram (drawn to scale) of range, including obstacles.

  • Photos of the range.

  • Lesson plans for instruction. Lesson plans must include:

    • a. Detailed outline of each lesson, including time spent; and

    • b. Specific behind-the-wheel performance objectives being covered

Range Criteria and Sample Lesson Plan