Truck Driver Education Provider Information

PA 384 of 2006 , known as the Driver Education Provider and Instructor Act was signed into law effective October 1, 2006. The goal was to eliminate overlap in statutory requirements, create a level playing field for Michigan's driver education program, achieve consistency in program objectives, strengthen and improve curriculum, and establish appropriate requirements and qualifications for driver education providers and instructors.


The Secretary of State's focus is on the administration of driver education programs by providers.  This includes ensuring that providers maintain established office locations where records will be kept, possess continuous surety bonds, maintain injury and property damage liability insurance on training vehicles, and obtain and maintain provider certification.  In addition, the Secretary of State regulates what information and documentation that must be included in the student records and contracts, investigates consumer complaints, and periodically performs inspections.

If you are planning to apply for a driver education provider certificate and offer truck driver education courses, access the application documents provided below and mail the completed forms to:

Michigan Department of State
Licensing Unit
Lansing, Michigan  48918

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks processing time for your driver education provider application.

Select "Required" in the table below for information necessary to complete driver education provider application forms (where applicable).



Truck Educational Institution or Governmental Agency (Truck)
Provider Name Selection (cannot use name of existing provider) Required Required
Fee (payable to State of Michigan) $360 Fee-exempt
Assumed name filing / partnership agreement / Articles of Organization or Incorporation Required N/A
Photo of Sign (attached to building) Required N/A
Original Application for Driver Education Provider Certificate (DES-014) Required Required
Livescan Fingerprint Background Check Request Required Required
Classroom Approval/Fire Marshal Verification (DES-024) Required Required
Driver Education Provider Liability Insurance Certificate (DES-017)


Driver Education Provider Surety Bond (DES-019)


Training Vehicle List (DES-018) Required Required
Driver Education Instructor Employment Form (DES-022) Required Required
Student Contract Checklist Required
Student Contract - Truck Required Required
Classroom Instruction Form - Truck


BTW Record Keeping Form - Truck Required Required

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