Driver Education Laws and Regulations

PA 384 of 2006, known as the Driver Education Provider and Instructor Act was signed into law effective October 1, 2006. The goal was to eliminate overlap in statutory requirements, create a level playing field for Michigan's driver education program, achieve consistency in program objectives, strengthen and improve curriculum, and establish appropriate requirements and qualifications for driver education providers and instructors.

MDOS Physical and Mental Standards for Drivers PDF icon   
Administrative rules R257.851 - 257.857

MDOS Visual Standards for Motor Vehicle Driver's Licenses PDF icon   
Administrative rules R257.1 - 257.5

MCL 256.306(4) Segment 1 parent driving permit

MCL 257.306(6) Adult and truck/CDL temporary instruction permit

MCL 257.310(e) Graduated Driver License PA 124 of 2011 amendments