Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program assessment

The following is a copy of the final report of the 2016 Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program assessment.

The Technical assessment is an exciting time for the State of Michigan (Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning and Michigan Department of State).  It provides a chance to evaluate performance measures and objectives against the national standards. The Technical assessment of the “State Motorcycle Safety Program” is designed to evaluate a State’s motorcycle program using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA), Uniform Guidelines for State Highway Safety Programs, Highway Safety Program Guidelines No. 3, Motorcycles, as the benchmark for a comprehensive program.  NHTSA Guideline #3 Motorcycle Safety

If you have an interest in the Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission (GTSAC) is comprised of several “Action Teams” designed to address and make recommendations in areas of traffic safety. The Motorcycle Safety Action Team holds quarterly open door meetings for safety partners and stakeholders to attend. For more information on the Action Teams, please see Michigan State Police - Divisions - Office of Highway Safety Planning - Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission.

Thank you for your interest in Michigan’s motorcycle rider safety!