Motorcycle Knowledge Test

The following are the type of questions you will find on the knowledge test.  See how you do.  The correct answers are shown below.

1.  It is most important to flash your brake light to warn drivers behind that:

a. They are following too closely

b. You will be slowing suddenly

c. There is a stop sign ahead

2.  The front brake supplies how much of a motorcycle's total stopping power:

a.  About one-quarter (25%)

b.  About one-half (50%)

c.  About three-quarters (75%)

3.  The key to making a quick turn is:

a.  Shifting your weight quickly

b.  Turning the handlebars quickly

c.  Getting the motorcycle to lean quickly

4.  If a tire goes flat while riding and you must stop, it is usually best to:

a.  Relax on the handgrips

b.  Shift your weight toward the good tire

c.  Brake on the good tire and steer to the side of the road

d.  Use both brakes and stop quickly

The information you need can be found in the Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual.

Answers:  1) B  2) C  3) C  4) C