Motorcycle Knowledge Test

The following are the type of questions you will find on the knowledge test.  See how you do.  The correct answers are shown below.

1. When turning, you should:

A.   Look through the turn. 

B.   Look straight ahead.

C.   Watch the center line.

D.  Look at the guard rail

2.  To make a normal stop, use:

A.   The rear brake only.

B.   The front brake only, and downshift.

C.   Both brakes, and downshift. 

D.   The rear brake first.

3.  Besides riding with your headlight on, you can increase your chances of being seen if you: 

A.   Flash your brake lights frequently.

B.   Ride in the right position of the lane.

C.   Wear a brightly colored helmet and jacket. 

D.   Stay in the center position of the lane.

4.  If either tire goes flat while riding: 

A.   Hold the handgrips firmly and ease off the throttle. 

B.   Apply the rear brake to maintain stability.

C.   Squeeze the clutch firmly to reduce the tendency to wobble.

D.  Lean further forward to help center the load on the motorcycle

5.  Car/motorcycle crashes are most common:

A.   On freeways.

B.   At intersections. 

C.   At night.

D.  When the rider is speeding.

6.  If you must stop quickly while turning and are unable to straighten the motorcycle first: 

A.   Apply front brake and increase your lean angle.

B.   Apply the rear brake only.

C.   Apply brakes harder as lean is reduced. 

D.   Apply brakes first, then lean away from the turn.

The information you need can be found in the Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual.

Answers:  1) A  p34 2) C p34 3) C p41 4) A p49 5)B p38  6)C p46