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Motorcyclist Training Site Locator Area 8

State Area 8

Motorcycle Safety Sponsors Listing Per State Area

  • Eaton County
  • Public Sponsor - Lansing Community College
    Location: LCC West Campus
    Contact - Christina Lawrence 517-483-1033
    E-Mail:  lcc_cce@lcc.edu
    Website:  lcc.edu/motocyclesafety
    Training classes: BRC BRC2 ARC

  • Lenawee County
    Public Sponsor - Lenawee ISD
    Location: Lenawee ISD Vocational Tech Center
    Contact - Adult Learning 517-265-1650
    E-Mail: amy.hinkley@lisd.us
    Website: www.lisd.us/instruction/adult-learning/motorcycle-safety/
    Training classes: BRC RRBRC

  • Livingston County
    Private Sponsor - Brighton Harley-Davidson
    Location: Brighton Harley-Davidson
    Contact - Jesseka Williams 810-225-2915
    E-Mail: Learntoride@brightonhd.com
    Website:  www.brightonhd.com
  • Training classes: BRC

  • Washtenaw County
    Public Sponsor - Washtenaw Community College
    Location: Washtenaw Community College
    Contact - Lindsey Higginbottom 734-973-3361
    E-Mail: lindseyh@wccnet.edu
    Website:  www.wccnet.edu
    Training classes: BRC RRBRC ARC

  • Eaton County
    Private Sponsor - Capitol Harley-Davidson
    Location: American Legion Capitol City Post 12
    Contact - Debbie Jones 517-646-2345 x 302
    E-Mail:  learntoride@capitolhd.com
    Website: www.capitolhd.com/--learn-to-ride
    Training classes: BRC

  • Lenawee County
    Private Sponsor - Town & Country Sports Center Inc
    Location: Town & Country Sports Center
    Contact - Marleena Herrick 517-547-3333
    E-Mail: marleena@ebikerhq.com
    Website:  N/A
    Training classes: BRC 3WBRC RRBRC ARC

  • Monroe County
    Public Sponsor - Schoolcraft College
    Location: Monroe County Community College
    Contact - Information 734-384-4127
    E-Mail: motorcycle@schoolcraft.edu
    Website: www.schoolcraft.edu/motorcycle
    Training classes: BRC BRC2

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