Information for BDIC Sponsors

  • This page provides an overview of the Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) for organizations that want to learn more about the program. Links on how to become a course sponsor are at the bottom of this page. Effective December 31, 2010, the BDIC program permits eligible drivers to take a driver improvement course, either on-line or in a classroom. The Michigan Department of State (MDOS) will not make the points or information from the ticket available to insurance companies for drivers who take and pass the BDIC through an approved course sponsor. The MDOS will notify eligible drivers by mail. Eligible drivers have 60 days to arrange for and pass the BDIC. The approved course sponsor must notify the MDOS whether the driver passes or fails.

    "Basic driver improvement course" means a course of study that satisfies all of the following conditions:

    • It meets or exceeds the curriculum standards set forth in the Defensive Driving Course Instructor Manual, Eighth Edition, published by the National Safety Council.
    • It provides documented evidence from a federal, state, or local government agency of course effectiveness in reducing collisions, moving violations, or both.
    • It includes not less than 4 hours of instruction.
    • It contains other information as approved by the Secretary of State, with or without supporting DVD material, and may be offered over the internet or through classroom instruction.

    List of approved course sponsors

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