Application process for a BDIC Sponsor

Please follow the steps to become an approved sponsor Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) for the Michigan Department of State (MDOS):

  1. Mail a completed, signed application form (DES-202), a surety bond form (DES-203), and information about your proposed curriculum/course to the address on the application form.
  2. If you are not authorized to offer the Defensive Driving Course of the National Safety Council, you must submit a curriculum that meets or exceeds the curriculum standards set forth in the Defensive Driving Course Instructor Manual, Eighth edition, published by the National Safety Council. You must also provide documented evidence from a federal, state, or local government agency of course effectiveness in reducing collisions, moving violations, or both. If you are a training agency authorized by the National Safety Council to offer their Defensive Driving Course, you are required to submit written approval from National Safety Council allowing you or your organization to use their curriculum/course.
  3. Once you have been preliminarily approved you will receive a letter from the Department giving you specific directions on how to complete your application.
  4. Open the CARS eServices BDIC - New Account Managers instructions on how to create an account for your sponsor.
  5. Once the CARS eServices BDIC Sponsor account has been created, you can add addtional users.  Open the CARS eServices BDIC - New Account Users instructions on how to create addtional user accounts that will have permission to your BDIC sponsor CARS eServices account.