What's Your Role?

When your teen is in the driver's seat you're far more than just a passenger. Your job is to steer your teen into a lifetime of safe driving. As a team, the two of you can navigate Michigan's laws and safety guidelines.

Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death and injury for teenagers because teens lack driving experience. Michigan has implemented Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Laws to decrease this risk by introducing teenagers to driving in phases. This site explains those phases and suggests tips for keeping your teen safe when he or she is in the driver's seat.

What parents should do:

  • Know the 3 Stages of Michigan's Graduated Driver Licensing: Level 1 Learner's License, Level 2 Intermediate License, and Level 3 Full Privilege License.
  • Supervise your teen's driving.
  • Set family driving rules and limits by having a teen/parent contract.
  • Impose consequences for violations.
  • Talk to other parents.
  • Choose a safe vehicle for your teen.

By doing so, you'll know you are being a responsible parent who is keeping your teen safe in the driver's seat.

Under Michigan law, you can cancel your teens' license.

As a parent or legal guardian, you are often the best judge of your teen driver's progress, skill and maturity behind the wheel. Involvement from you is crucial to the coaching, learning and driving experience of your teen driver so he or she becomes a safe driver. Although GDL requires teens to complete 50 hours of supervised driving, you are encouraged to provide supervision beyond this minimum.

You also have the legal right to request that your teen be held at a certain GDL level, dropped back a level or have all driving privileges canceled if you believe your teen is not ready to handle certain driving responsibilities. To do so, make an appointment at a Secretary of State branch office.

GDL ends for all teens at age 18.