Points and Probation Information

  • Point System

    Under Michigan law, some traffic violations are civil infractions while others are misdemeanors or felonies.

  • Referral for Driver Reexamination

    Michigan law authorizes the Department of State to reexamine a driver when there is reason to believe the driver may be unable to operate a motor vehicle safely.

  • Probation All new Michigan drivers, regardless of age, are placed on probation for a minimum of three years if they have not been previously licensed.
  • Crashes The Michigan Vehicle Code authorizes the Secretary of State to reexamine drivers due to crash involvement under certain circumstances.
  • Restriction Violations Restrictions may be placed on your driving privileges for many reasons, and may range from specific times and places you may drive, to requiring special equipment or corrective lens.
  • Driver Assessment Reexamination Process

    The privilege to drive is often taken for granted, but you may lose your privilege to drive for many reasons.