Revocation Reviews

Your driver's license may be revoked when it is determined that you do not possess the physical, mental, or other qualifications necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely. A revocation removes your privilege to drive for a minimum period of one or five years and is required by law upon conviction of certain driving offenses.

Once your revocation period has ended, your driving privilege will remain revoked until you attend a Driver Assessment reexamination. At this reexamination, you will be required to provide proof that the condition that caused your revocation is no longer present. Depending on the reason for revocation, you may be required to submit a substance abuse evaluation form, evidence of sobriety, or a physician's statement of examination. A written, vision, and on road performance test may also be required. If you are approved for re-licensure, you may be required to pay the appropriate licensing and reinstatement fees.

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