Driver's License is up for Renewal or Expires While You are Out of State

Temporary extension permits

A temporary extension permit may be issued at no cost if you are out of state when your driver's license expires. The permit allows you to legally drive with an expired license, with the understanding that you will be returning home within the permit's specified time frame. It can be issued for up to 180 days, but the length of time will be determined based on your situation.

Only one permit is issued, and it can't be extended or renewed once it expires. You can continue to drive with your permit when you return home for two weeks or until the permit expires, whichever occurs first. Therefore, you are urged to renew your driver's license as soon as possible once you are back in Michigan. A permit can't be issued for an expired commercial driver's license. Commercial drivers are encouraged to renew their license before leaving the state if there is any question about returning in time before the license expires.

If you are out of state and your license expires, contact the Special Services Branch for assistance in obtaining a temporary extension permit.

The contact information for the Special Services Branch is:

Michigan Department of State
Special Services Branch
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI 48918
Phone: 517-636-5872
Fax: 517-636-5865

Renewing by mail

You will be asked to provide proof of Michigan residency and your Social Security number before your renewal can be processed. A vision statement from a licensed eye-care specialist may be required. An out-of-state request may take up to six weeks to complete.

Renewing online

Michigan law requires that you renew your license every twelve years in person at a Secretary of State branch office. If you received a renewal notice stating that you must renew in person, or if you are ineligible to renew by mail, online or at a self-service station for any reason, you may be able to obtain a temporary extension permit or renew by an alternate process.