Sign Language Interpreter Services

The Michigan Civil Rights Act requires State of Michigan departments to provide equal access to services for persons with a disability. Whenever you have business to conduct with the Department of State, we will provide, at our expense, a sign language interpreter for you.

How to Obtain a Sign Language Interpreter

To obtain a sign language interpreter you may contact the Department of State by email, by phone, or by visiting any branch office.  Sign language interpreters may assist with many services including:

  • Driver's license written knowledge test
  • Mechanics tests
  • Vehicle title transfers
  • Administrative hearings
  • Driver re-examination hearings
  • Other Secretary of State business

To Request An Interpreter By Email:

  • Click “Contact the Secretary of State
  • Select the topic, “Request an American Sign Language Interpreter”
  • Complete the requested information.

To Request An Interpreter By Phone: 

  • Call the Michigan Relay Center at 7-1-1,
  • Enter the Department of State Information Center phone number 888-767-6424.

To Request An Interpreter At A Secretary of State Branch Office:

  • The branch manager will contact an interpreter agency for you.
  • The agency will then make an appointment with a sign language interpreter.
  • This method requires a second branch office visit.

Administrative hearings: If you have an administrative hearing scheduled and do not have an interpreter, you may request one from the department. Your request must be submitted at least five days before your hearing date.

Dial 7-1-1 to use the Michigan Relay Center, then enter the Department of State Information Center phone number 888-767-6424.

Using your own sign language interpreter

You may also use an interpreter that you know, or you may hire one through an agency. If you obtain your own interpreter, you are responsible for any payment.

If you are unable to secure a qualified interpreter or have further questions, please contact the Division on Deaf, Blind and Hard of Hearing at 877-499-6232 V/TTY toll-free, 517-335-6004 V/TTY, or 517-335-7773 (fax).