Friend of the Court Lien Search

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Friend of the Court (FOC) Lien Search

The Friend of the Court (FOC) Lien Search allows dealers and others to determine if a vehicle brought in for trade or sale has an active lien from the Friend of the Court for the owner’s failure to make child support payments. 

The law allowing the liens by the Friend of the Court has been in place since 1998. The Michigan Department of State implemented a process to make the liens more apparent to potential vehicle purchasers. The Friend of the Court can be added as a secured party on the title for the vehicle. MDOS mails a new title displaying the FOC lien to the vehicle owner with a return envelope requesting the return of the older title; however, owners may not comply and the previous title without the lien will still be in the customer’s possession. 

The Department established this Friend of the Court Lien Search to provide a method for dealers to avoid purchasing a vehicle with an active FOC lien.

Use the link below to check the VIN of a vehicle to search for an active FOC lien. 

Friend of the Court Lien Search (Web Browser Instructions)

NOTE - This database is updated weekly, each Friday. Dealers should take appropriate precautions to protect their interest in the vehicle in addition to checking the database. These precautions may include:

Questions regarding specific FOC liens may be directed to the Vehicle Records Program Section at 517-636-7479.