Michigan Electronic Filing System (MiEFS)

Some automotive-related businesses can process their vehicle transactions through the Michigan Electronic Filing System (MiEFS) program. The MiEFS program works with a vendor which provides PC based software at the business's location.

For example, when a licensed Michigan dealer participates in the MiEFS program and sells a vehicle, the dealership can process the title and registration transaction for the customer without having to take the transaction to the local Secretary of State branch office. The dealer can process the title application and issue a new license plate even when the local branch office is closed. The MiEFS program is currently working with licensed Michigan dealers, rental fleets, Financial Institutions, manufacturers and title services based both in Michigan and out of state.

For additional information, please contact the MiEFS Help Desk at 517-636-0571 or MDOS-MIEFS-Helpdesk@Michigan.gov