Driving and Vehicle Record Request

  • Requesting a Driving or Vehicle Record

    Driving and vehicle records can be requested online or through the Record Sales Unit at the State Secondary Complex, Secretary of State Building, 7064 Crowner Drive, Dimondale. If you do not have an account with the Department of State, you can complete a record look up request on online services by selecting the Record Sales hyperlink under the Additional Services section. 

  • Bulk Information Sales

    Specific information about drivers, personal identification card holders, vehicle registrations and titles, watercraft registrations and titles, snowmobile registrations, and related subjects is available for purchase in bulk from the Michigan Department of State, Record Sales Unit - Commercial Services.

  • Direct Access to Driving and Vehicle Records

    The Michigan Department of State provides direct access to its computer system so that commercial users can obtain driving, vehicle, mobile home, watercraft and recreational vehicle records under certain specified conditions.

  • Driving Record Subscription Service

    The Driving Record Subscription Service provides an organization with the driving record of their employees on an annual basis; or whenever there are any violations, restrictions, suspensions, or revocations posted to the record.

  • Governmental Agency Record Requests

    If your agency is a governmental entity, you may log in and request a record through online services.

  • Requesting Your Own Driving or Vehicle Record

    You may request a copy of your own driving record on online services by selecting the More Driver Services hyperlink under the Driver's License and ID Section and logging in. To request your own vehicle record, you may complete a Record Lookup Request on e-Services by selecting the Record Sales hyperlink and then selecting Request Records under the Additional Services Section.