Governmental Agency Record Requests

If your agency is a governmental entity, you must complete a Record Lookup Request for Governmental Agencies (BDVR-155) form. If a company is working on behalf of your governmental agency (carrying out the functions of that governmental agency) and will access the records, you must submit a copy of your subcontractor contract.

For driving records, include as much detail in Section 3 as possible. If you just need the name, address, or driving status, request the current record only. If you only want a driving record, do not complete Section 4 of the BDVR-155 form.

Personal identification cardholder information is also available. Complete Section 3, Driver Record information, substituting the identification card number for the driver's license number.

If you anticipate high volumes of requests, you may be interested in our Direct Access service.

Mail: Mail the completed form and any other required documentation to:

Michigan Department of State
Attention: Record Sales Unit – Commercial Services
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI 48918-1502

Fax: Fax the completed form and any other required documentation to:

517-335-6169 or 517-335-6184

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