Bulk Information Sales

Specific information about drivers, personal identification card holders, vehicle registrations and titles, watercraft registrations and titles, snowmobile registrations, and related subjects is available for purchase in bulk from the Michigan Department of State, Record Sales Unit. However, such information may not be used for purposes of marketing or solicitation. This information is sold in strict compliance with state and federal law including the Michigan and federal Driver Privacy Protection Acts.

The Michigan Department of State is authorized by the state legislature to sell limited customer data to reduce the need for tax revenue. Many purchasers are universities, research organizations and other governments that use the large dataset for research purposes. Sales do not include customer phone numbers or email addresses, and no customer data can be used for marketing or solicitation purposes. MDOS checks compliance on all sales and violations can be prosecuted as felony infractions.

Our List Sales Information Guide explains the request procedure, identifies the types of information available, and provides an estimate for the file size and applicable fees. Requests for a List Sales Information Guide can be directed to ListSales@Michigan.gov. In the subject line type "Information Guide." In the body of the email state your business type, the information you are seeking (driver, vehicle, etc.), and for what purpose the information obtained will be used.

The basic procedure for obtaining bulk information is as follows:

  1. Apply online under Record Sales Services.
  2. You will receive the following:
  • A Data Sharing Agreement (an information purchaser's surety bond is required for commercial customers purchasing "personal" information)
  • An account application

A formal letter of request on your letterhead is required. A deposit may be requested. Information is provided through FTS mailboxes. 

Questions regarding this program can be addressed at ListSales@Michigan.gov.