Driving Record Subscription Service

The Driving Record Subscription Service provides an organization with the driving record of their employees on an annual basis or whenever there are any violations, restrictions, suspensions, or revocations posted to the record. The fee for each record is $11.00.

What do I need to sign up for this service?

  • A signed agreement, which establishes the terms and conditions under which the records can be obtained.
  • A "Reason for Record Request" to show that your business purposes complies with Driver Privacy Protection laws. Obtaining records for a purpose other than those permitted by law is a felony violation, which may be punishable by imprisonment of up to 15 years, a fine of up to $15,000, or both.
  • Department of State Account Number for billing purposes. If you do not have a Commercial Lookup account with the Department, an account will be established.
  • A complete list of the driver's full name, date of birth, and Michigan driver's license number.


How do I apply to participate in the Subscription Program?

You can apply for the Subscription Program through e-Services. To get to the application select the Record Sales Services hyperlink under the Additional Services section then select the Apply hyperlink. 

If you have any questions, you may send us an email at CommercialServices@Michigan.gov