Democracy MVP High School Varsity Challenge

What is the High School Varsity Challenge?

Democracy is a team sport, and we are hosting this Challenge to encourage high school students on varsity teams to take on a leadership role and recruit their teammates and classmates to be poll workers. Any high school varsity team can participate to help make a difference for your community and our democracy! 

How Do We Win?

The winner of the challenge is the team that has recruited the most poll workers by the end of the challenge. The winning team will be recognized by the Michigan Department of State and featured on our website. Any team that recruits more than 50 poll workers will be entered into a random drawing to receive tickets to the Lions game. Students who are 16 or -17 years old are not able to vote, however, they ARE able to sign up for this important Challenge and get paid to be a poll worker. 

How To participate:

STEP 1:  Commit Your High School Team  

Athletic Directors reach out to their school’s varsity football coaches about the challenge. They explain that Democracy is a team sport and the MVP on election day are the poll workers and that their players can lead their school to be an important part of democracy. 

STEP 2:  Work With Varsity Coaching Staff To Assemble Your Team

Coaches meet with their team and discuss the challenge. In addition, explain why Democracy is a team sport and that the MVP of election day are poll workers and how their role in this challenge is so important to upholding our Democracy.

  1. Get the team to participate in the challenge.
  2. Explain what the requirements to be a poll worker are.
  3. You don’t have to be a member of the team to sign up under their name. Uplift players to encourage friends and family to sign-up as poll workers as well under their team name! Students ages 16-17 can be poll workers!

 STEP 3: Develop Your Action Plan  

Teams will need to register as Democracy MVP’s under their school or team name on the Democracy MVP sign-up form. [ This is how we will track each recruitment number] In addition, the team should identify another varsity school they want to challenge.  

Are you a member of a group or a team? Yes. If so what group? School name. Team Sport


STEP 4: Time for The Snap 

It’s time for the team to put their plan to action! The team should record a message that indicates they have accepted the challenge and who they are challenging. 

  1. Record your message 

    “The [name of school and what varsity team you are accepting the challenge for] is excited to announce our team has accepted the Democracy MVP High School Varsity Challenge. We are committing to recruiting poll workers through the Democracy MVP program. Please help us win this challenge and join our team. Go to to register as an MVP. Under “affiliated organization,” please type in [name of school and what varsity team] We challenge [ Rival school team or different varsity team in the school] to do the same!” 
  2. Push your challenge video out on social media. Utilize your school's and players' social media platforms and use the #DemocracyMVPSCHOOLNAME/Teama.Facebookb.Twitterc.Instagramd.Tiktok3.Recruit everyone! Coaches and players continue to encourage their classmates to be a part of their team and become poll workers after they have launched their video.

STEP 5: The Final Push

Participate in the Democracy MVP Event hosted by the SOS a week before the election.

STEP 6: Be Recognized 

All participants will we recognized for joining the challenge. Schools will be added to the Secretary of States partnership website. After the November General Election, our team will tally up the numbers and announce the winner of the challenge shortly after. 

How to participate guide PDF
Letter to athletic directors PDF
For more information please contact BIlal Hammoud
Cell: 517-331-3729

What is Democracy MVP?

Election workers, the Most Valuable Players of our democracy, ensuring open and fair elections for all. Right now, our democracy needs election workers more than ever. Serving as an election worker is a paid position, and all election workers are trained on proper protocols.

During the coronavirus crisis, election workers are needed to assist clerks and count ballots. They will serve at polling places, and will adhere to strict public health guidelines, including exercising social distancing, using sanitary equipment, and maintaining strong hygiene to protect themselves and others from coronavirus transmission.

FAQ about Democracy MVP   

Bilal Hammoud
Public Engagement Associate

Michigan Department of State 
Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson 

Cell: 517.331.3729