Democracy MVP Greek Battle

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What is the Democracy MVP Greek Battle?

The Democracy MVP Greek Battle encourages sororities and fraternities to make democratic participation part of their community work. Michigan’s Greek organizations have always been committed to civic participation. This is taking that commitment to the next level. The goal is to cultivate a large pool of candidates to become poll workers for the November general election. 

How to Win:

Sororities and fraternities will compete against each other to recruit poll workers, which will help our democracy. (Serving as a poll worker is a paid position.) Poll workers who have already signed up without a group affiliation will still be counted towards the team participation if team leaders share a list of names for team members who have signed up. Participants DON’T have to be part of the Greek organization to sign up under their name. Groups are advised to have all their sign-ups done by October 19th to allow for poll worker training, however, the final tally will be taken the day after the election. The team that is able to recruit the most poll workers will be announced by the Michigan Department of State in a press release and also be recognized by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson as the winner of the Greek Battle.

How to Participate:

STEP 1:  Commit Your Sorority/Fraternity   

Presidents meet with the Secretary as we officially launch this challenge. State chapters reach out to their local chapters highlighting that democracy is a team sport; that on Election Day, poll workers are the MVPs; and that sororities/fraternities can step up to help democracy. 

STEP 2:  Educate Local Chapters to Assemble Your Team

Democracy is a team sport and the MVPs of Election Day are poll workers. Your role in this challenge is vital to upholding our democracy.

  1. Get local chapters to participate in the challenge. They can sign up at
  2. Explain what the requirements to be a poll worker are. You must be a registered voter in Michigan. Check your voter registration status at If you aren’t yet registered to vote but want to apply to serve, you can register to vote online at and then sign up. Additionally, you cannot be a challenger, candidate, member of a candidate’s immediate family or a member of the local canvassing board. Anyone convicted of a felony or an election crime may not serve.
  3. A person doesn’t have to be a member of the Greek organization to sign up under its name. Members can encourage friends and family to sign up as poll workers as well under their team name.  

STEP 3: Develop Your Action Plan  

Teams will need to register as Democracy MVPs under their Greek name on the Democracy MVP sign-up form. [This is how each recruitment number will be tracked.]    

Greek Challenge Screenshot

STEP 4: Time for Action 

It’s time for the team to put your plan to action! The sorority/fraternity should record the scripted message that indicates it has accepted the challenge  

  1. Record your message. 
  2. Push your challenge video out on social media. Utilize your sorority/fraternity/local chapter social media platform and use the hashtag #DemocracyMVP 
  3. Recruit everyone you can!

STEP 5: The Final Push

Participate in the Democracy MVP event hosted by the Secretary of State a week before the election.

STEP 6: Be Recognized 

All participants of the Democracy MVP Greek Battle will we recognized for joining the challenge. Greek organizations will be added to the Secretary of State’s partnership website at Shortly after the November general election, our team will tally up the numbers and announce the winner. 

How to participate guide PDF
Letter to the leader of the sorority/fraternity PDF
For more information please contact BIlal Hammoud
Cell: 517-331-3729

What is Democracy MVP?

Election workers, the Most Valuable Players of our democracy, ensuring open and fair elections for all. Right now, our democracy needs election workers more than ever. Serving as an election worker is a paid position, and all election workers are trained on proper protocols.

During the coronavirus crisis, election workers are needed to assist clerks and count ballots. They will serve at polling places, and will adhere to strict public health guidelines, including exercising social distancing, using sanitary equipment, and maintaining strong hygiene protocols to protect themselves and others from coronavirus transmission.

FAQ about Democracy MVP   

Bilal Hammoud
Public Engagement Associate

Michigan Department of State 
Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson 

Cell: 517.331.3729