Casino Disclaimer Statement

Section 30 of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCL 169.230) prohibits a committee from knowingly maintaining receipt of a contribution from a person with an interest in casinos licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. This summary may be used to assist in identifying persons who are prohibited from making political contributions to candidates or committees. However, the summary is compiled from registrations submitted under section 3 of the Casino Interest Registration Act (MCL 432.273) and does not include every person who is prohibited from making political contributions by section 7b of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act (MCL 432.207b). Persons who hold or have an interest in Supplier Licenses issued by the Michigan Gaming Control Board are not required to submit registrations and are not included in the summary.


Please contact the Michigan Department of State, Legal and Regulatory Services Administration at 517-241-3463 if you have questions regarding the summary.


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