The AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal: Setup, Operation, and Assisting Voters with Disabilities (video)

Please view this video on the Bureau of Elections YouTube Channel or in the Elections eLearning Center.

This video demonstrates the use of the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal on Election Day. The AutoMARK is designed for use by voters with disabilities, but may be used by any voter, at his or her request. In this video, you will learn how to set up the AutoMARK, test it, mark a ballot, troubleshoot any problems that arise, and take the AutoMARK down at the end of the day. This video is broken into two minute segments for easier viewing.

Video 1 -  Introduction; Setup; Testing

Video 2 -  Voting; Marking the Ballot

Video 3 -  Troubleshooting; Take Down; Review; Conclusion

AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal Video Script  PDF icon