Election Worker Resources

This page contains supplemental resources that clerks can use to help train election workers, and election workers can use as an introduction or review of their key tasks and responsibilities. These videos and 1-pagers are meant to be helpful, supplemental resources. They support but absolutely do not replace local training. All election workers must attend and complete training facilitated by either your city/township or county clerk and be formally appointed in order to serve as an election worker. Election workers: if you have any specific questions about the responsibilities of your specific job on Election Day, please contact your local clerk and refer to reference the materials they provide at your training and/or polling location. 

Watch the Election Worker Resources Playlist (All Videos)

Key Responsibilities for Election Workers

Opening the Polls

Processing Voters

Closing the Polls

Absentee Counting Boards


Important Processes for Poll Workers

COVID-19 and Safety at the Polls


Assisting Voters

Checks and Balances


Know Before You Go

Know the Facts (and Myths) about Voting 

What to Expect on Election Day


Other Resources

Managing Your Precinct on Election Day: Election Inspector Reference Manual – this reference guide and procedure manual is made available in every precinct on Election Day. Poll workers can use it to quickly answer questions or concerns that may arise on Election Day.