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What other ways can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in Michigan’s upcoming elections. You could become a paid election worker in your community, organize a voter registration drive, or request a presentation on voter education from our office for your student club or organization. You can learn more about how to get involved in our “Take Action” section.


Voter Registration FAQ

When is the deadline to register to vote?

You have until Election Day at 8pm to register to vote. However, the earlier you register, the quicker and easier it will be.

You can register to vote at If you do not have a Michigan driver’s license or state ID card, there are several other options to register by paper form.  

However, within 14 days of Election Day, you must register to vote in person at your local clerks’ office and provide proof of residency. Visit to learn more about your options for voter registration. 

Can I still register in person on Election Day?

Registering on Election Day or the 14 days before an election requires additional proof of residency.

Proof of residency documents can be in paper OR electronic form (displayed on your phone, a tablet or a laptop). Your proof of residency must have your name on it and display your current address where you will be registering. Examples include

  • A valid Michigan driver’s license or state ID

  • Any document issued by a Michigan high school, college, or university, including:

    • A webpage on your university student portal displaying your name and on-campus address (ex. Wolverine Access, StuInfo, Academica, CentralLink, GoWMU)

    • Financial aid documents

    • University registration forms

  • Bank statement

  • Utility bill (including gas, electric, internet, lease, or rental)


Where should I register to vote - my school address or my permanent home address?

This is entirely up to you! You can register either at your home address or your school address. 
Factors to consider when selecting which address to register at include what is most convenient for you and if you would like to vote by mail or in person. To register at an address, you must be a Michigan resident (at the time you register) and a resident of your city or township for at least 30 days (when you vote). 

If you do decide to register at an address that is different than what is listed on your driver’s license, be aware that any change to your voter registration address will automatically update the state’s records for your driver’s license address as well. You will receive a sticker in the mail to update the address on your license. 

If I’m not 18, can I still register to vote?

If you are at least 17 1/2 years old, are otherwise eligible to be a registered voter, and will be 18 by the day of the next election, you are able to register to vote. To register, you may need to visit your local clerk’s office or branch office (prior to the 14-day window).

Can I register to vote in Michigan if I’m a student from out of state? 

Yes - If you are an out-of-state student attending school in Michigan, you can register to vote at your school address in Michigan, or your home address to vote in your home state’s elections. 

If you are an out-of-state student and would like to register to vote in Michigan, and if there are more than 14 days before Election Day, you can visit your city or township clerk’s office to register OR you can download the State of Michigan Voter Registration Application to mail to your clerk with a valid form of identification (a copy of your home state ID is sufficient). Some clerks’ offices even accept an emailed form, so contact your local clerk’s office to find out the best way to submit your application. If you are already registered to vote in Michigan and need to update your address, you will follow these same steps and resubmit your new registration using your current address.

During the 14 days before AND ON Election Day (Michigan has same-day registration, meaning you can register to vote on Election Day), you will need to visit your local clerk’s office to register to vote or update your registration address AND you will need to provide proof of residency documentation. Learn more about what proof of residency documents are acceptable for college students in our Proof of Residency section.

Note: You can only vote in one state, so registering to vote in Michigan means you cannot vote in your home state and vice-versa. If you wish to vote in your home state, you can visit your state’s elections website to learn more about requesting an absent voter ballot to vote by mail.

If I’m an out-of-state student attending school in Michigan, can I register to vote online?

If you have a state of Michigan driver’s license or state ID card you can register to vote online at

If you are an out of state student attending school in Michigan, and do not have a State of Michigan ID, you can register to vote using a paper application form, which is available at Once you fill out this form, you will need to return it to your local clerk either by mail or by dropping it off at their office. 

To learn more about what options are available to you, visit

If I’m attending school in Michigan but my home address is in another state, can I register and vote in both places?

No – you can only register and vote in one location. 

Does registering to vote enter me into the jury duty pool?

No – Michigan draws from jurors based on the list of those who have been issued a state of Michigan driver’s license or ID, not from the list of registered voters. 

If I have a felony record, can I still register/vote?

Yes – In Michigan, only individuals who have been convicted of a crime and who are currently incarcerated are unable to vote. If you have a past felony conviction but you are not currently serving time in a correctional facility, you are eligible to vote! Additionally, if you are currently awaiting trial for a felony charge but have not been convicted, you are also eligible to vote in Michigan, even if you are in jail while awaiting trial.

If I’m awaiting trial, can I still register/vote?

Yes – In Michigan, if you are awaiting a court date for a crime or charge, but have not been convicted, you are still eligible to vote! Only individuals who have been convicted of a crime and are currently incarcerated are unable to vote. For those individuals, upon release from correctional facilities, their voting rights are restored and they too are able to vote. 

Will registering at my school address change my driver’s license address?

Yes – the address on your driver’s license and your voter registration must match in Michigan.  

In-Person Voting FAQ 

Can I vote online?

No – Michigan does not allow online voting. 

Do I need an ID to vote?

No – an ID is not required in order to vote in Michigan. 

At the polls, voters are asked to present a photo ID. If you don’t have an ID or failed to bring it with you to the polls, you can still vote. You will simply sign a brief affidavit stating that you’re not in possession of a photo ID. Your ballot will still be included with all others and counted on Election Day.

Absentee Voting FAQ

Does my vote still count if I vote by mail?

Yes. As long as your ballot is received by your local clerk no later than 8 p.m. on Election Day, your vote will be counted. 

If you are returning your ballot through the US Postal Service mail, we recommend placing your ballot in the mail at least 14 days prior to Election Day to ensure it arrives in time to be counted. 

Once you’ve returned your ballot, you can track its status by visiting and selecting “Your voter information” from the menu bar at the top of the page. 

Is absentee voting secure?

Yes – absentee voting is secure. 

If you would like to help ensure the safety and integrity of the voting process, you can help count absentee voter ballots or work at the polls on Election Day by signing up to be a poll worker at

Can I request an absentee voter ballot online?

Yes – if you are a registered voter in Michigan with a Michigan driver’s license or state ID card, you can request an absentee voter ballot online up until 5 p.m. the Friday before the election by visiting

Voting Safely FAQ

Can I still vote in person during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes – registered voters in Michigan can vote in person two ways; 1) early with an absentee voter ballot in person at your city or township clerk’s office OR 2) at your polling location on Election Day. To learn more about voting options available to you, visit

What safety precautions are taken for in person voting and registration?

All poll workers at your polling location, as well as all staff at your local clerk’s office, are required to wear masks for safety and protection. Poll workers at each polling location across the state are issued personal protective equipment and sanitizing cleaning solutions to regularly wipe down voting equipment, voting stations and pens used to fill out ballots. Hand sanitizer will also be available for voters visiting polling locations. 

If you choose to vote or register in person, wearing a mask for your health and safety and for the safety of those around you is strongly encouraged. However, wearing a mask to vote at your polling location on Election Day is not required.

If you would like to help us ensure all voters are able to vote safely and securely at polling locations, sign up to be a poll worker at

Do I need to wear a mask while voting?

While wearing a mask to vote is not required, we strongly encourage voters to wear one when visiting their polling location. 


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