Voting Myths: TRUE or FALSE?

MYTH: I have to vote in person

False. You CAN vote in person, or you can vote from home with what is called an “absentee voter ballot.” To request to vote from home, go to You can return your ballot by mail or in person at your clerk’s office or ballot drop box. Your ballot will be counted as long as it is received by your clerk’s office by 8pm on election day.

MYTH: Registering to vote is complicated and takes too long

False. Registering to vote can be quick, simple, and easy - especially if done early! You can register online by visiting, or you can download the voter registration application and return it to your clerk’s office. If the election is less than 2 weeks away, you will need to register to vote in person with additional documentation, which you can learn more about at 

MYTH: If I register to vote I’ll have to serve jury duty

False. Registering to vote does not affect your eligibility or selection for jury duty. Jury pools in Michigan are selected based on lists of those who have received an official Michigan state ID or driver’s license, not from lists of registered voters.

MYTH: I need a photo ID to vote

False. You do not need a photo ID to vote in Michigan. If you do not have a photo ID with you at a polling location, you will simply sign an affidavit stating you are not in possession of a photo ID. Your ballot will count the same as all other ballots. 

MYTH: Absentee voting isn’t secure

False. Absentee voting is secure – many checks and balances are in place to ensure each vote is counted properly. You can even track the status of your absentee voter ballot once you’ve submitted it at 

MYTH: I have to register to vote in-person

False. You can register to vote online with a valid Michigan ID. You can also register to vote by filling out a paper form and mailing it to your local clerk. This form can also be accessed at 

MYTH: I can’t vote if I’m not registered by Election Day

False. You can register to vote on Election Day! To register on Election Day, and during the 14 days prior to an election, visit your local clerk’s office before 8pm. Find your local clerk at 

MYTH: To register to vote I need documents to show proof of residency

Maybe. If you register to vote online or by paper form more than 14 days before the next election, you DO NOT need to provide additional proof of residency. You can register online at If there are 14 days or less before Election Day you must appear in person at your local clerk’s office provide proof of residency.

MYTH: I cannot vote because I am a convicted felon or I am awaiting trial for a felony.

False. If you have a past criminal conviction and have completed your sentence, you can vote in Michigan. If you are in jail awaiting trial, you may also vote. Only individuals currently serving a sentence in jail or prison after conviction cannot vote.

MYTH: My one vote doesn’t matter

False. Your vote DOES matter. Elections are decided by those who show up. Your vote can make a difference!


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