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Summary of
Declaratory Ruling and Interpretive Statements
Issued by the Secretary of State
Attorney General Opinions

Campaign Finance Act

MCL 169.201 - MCL 169.282

Section 15 of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA) provides that an interested person may request a declaratory ruling.  The MCFA further provides that the Secretary of State may issue an Interpretive Statement in lieu of a Declaratory Ruling.  The Secretary of State must provide an annual summary of the Declaratory Rulings and Interpretive Statement issued.  The Attorney General opinions relevant to the MCFA are included in the summary for your convenience. 

Explanation of Column Headings and Acronyms:

DATE:  The "Date" Column provide the date that the ruling or interpretation was issued.

TO WHOM:  The "To Whom" Column provides the last name of the person that filed a request for additional information or clarification and to whom the response was given.

TYPE:  The "Type" Column provides the type of ruling issued.  

  • IS = Interpretive Statement
  • DR = Declaratory Ruling,
  • AG = Attorney Generals Opinion

SECTION OF LAW:  The "Section of Law" Column provides the Sections of the Act that are affected by the ruling or interpretation or referenced in the actual document.

SYNOPSIS:  The "Synopsis/Summary" Column provides a short description of the main points in the ruling or interpretation.

COMPLETE TEXT: The link provided at the end of each Synopsis/Summary will direct you to the full text of the document.  You can purchase a copy of the actual document for a charge of $.25 per page if you are unable to print directly.

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