About the Office of the Great Seal

Image of Coat of arms superimposed over the Great Seal

The Office of the Great Seal is part of the Executive Office of the Michigan Department of State. The Office maintains the sole official seal of the State of Michigan. As Keeper of the Great Seal, the Secretary of State's responsibilities are fulfilled by accepting certain documents for filing from local and state governmental agencies and certifying their authenticity, commissioning notaries public, and issuing certificates of authority and apostilles for documents going to other countries. 

In fulfilling the Secretary of State's responsibilities, it is the Office of the Great Seal's mission to promote and achieve continuously improved quality in the following areas:

  • Protect the Great Seal and provide for its proper use 
  • Securely and reliably maintain records filed with the Secretary of State 
  • Provide prompt and accurate certifications 
  • Commission Notaries Public timely and accurately 
  • Collect appropriate fees 
  • Provide timely and reliable information 
  • Serve the public courteously and competently

The Secretary of State lacks legal authority to accept and officially file any document and affix the Great Seal unless expressly authorized to do so by law. Documents authenticated with the Great Seal have the like effect as the originals.

The Office of the Great Seal staff welcomes your comments, suggestions and questions. Please include your name, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.