Driving Skills Testing Organization Locator

In Michigan, driving skills test services are provided entirely by a privatized third-party testing program. This program utilizes a statewide network of approved public and private organizations that employ examiners authorized by the Department to conduct driver skills tests.

Prior to scheduling a skills test, you must obtain a Commercial Learner's Permit from a Secretary of State office. The Secretary of State Branch Office Locator will help you find a branch in your community.

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The Driving Skills Testing Locator provides information about third-party testing organizations statewide. To view organizations in your area, click on the desired region of the Michigan map. Next, click on the appropriate county or counties to see where skills testing services are offered in your location. (Not all counties have approved third-party testing sites.)

Be sure to inquire about the organization's fees, methods of payment and policies for refunds, cancellations or retests. The individual business practices of each organization may vary.

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Before taking your driving skills test, be sure to review the third-party driving skills test administration requirements and study the driving skills test standards in the appropriate driving skills test study guide below:

Automobile Tests
Driving Skills Test Study Guide (SOS-360)PDF icon

CDL Tests
Michigan Commercial Driver License Manual (TS-004)

Motorcycle Tests
Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual (SOS-116)

Motorcycle Rider Skills Test

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