Genesee County Salvage Vehicle Inspectors

Agency Inspector Contact Number
Clayton Township Police Department Troy Belanger 810-635-3230
Davison Township Police Department *Gerald Harris 810-653-5656
Flushing Police Department Eric Earns 810-659-3119
GAIN - ATU Todd Beard 810-625-4227
GAIN Michael J. Fiorucci 810-656-4536
GAIN Max Mims 810-655-8185
Grand Blanc Township Police Department *David Clark


Genesee County Sheriff's Office G. Scott Wright 810-449-8929
Montrose Township Police Department *Dean Powell 810-639-5400
Mundy Township Police Department Joel Grahn 810-655-8185
Otisville Police Department Russell Sorensen 810-922-6536
Richfield Township Police Department *Adam Vasicek 810-653-3565


*Inspectors with an asterisk before their name will inspect vehicles for owners residing in their jurisdiction only. If there is no inspector in your jurisdiction, you must contact a nearby inspector who does not have an asterisk before his/her name.

By law, a vehicle with a salvage title is exempt from registration when driven to obtain a salvage recertification inspection using the most direct route.