Mobile Branch Office Information Sheet

The Mobile Branch Office is a full-service Secretary of State branch office on wheels.

Mobile office services include issuing or renewing driver licenses and special endorsements; changing a driver license address or other personal information; issuing or renewing a personal identification card; providing disability parking permits; registering people to vote; selling individual driving records; titling and registering vehicles and watercraft; and transferring titles.

Some transactions such as renewing driver licenses or vehicle registrations can be processed at the mobile office up to six months early without penalty.

Staffing: The mobile office is staffed by a manager.

Hours of operation: Hours and length of visits in each area will vary according to the specific need.

Organizations hosting a visit from the mobile office must provide:

  • Easily accessible location.
  • Monitoring and site assistance to direct people to the mobile branch office.
  • An on-site contact person for the Mobile Office manager.

To schedule a visit from the Mobile Branch Office: Please call the Secretary of State Communications Office at 517-335-3264 or fill out the attached form.


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