Some Questions Answered for You

What is SOS-101? We are much more than driver licenses and tabs! It is difficult to explain all of the SOS services at the branch office counter. Most Michigan residents who have to come into our branch offices to renew their licenses or tabs want to receive good, quick service and be on their way. Unfortunately, they may not hear of the great opportunities, services, and protections available to them through their Michigan Secretary of State. Thus, SOS-101 was introduced!

SOS-101 is actually a community presentation crafted to introduce the major and sometimes unknown functions and services of the Michigan Department of State. These core functions are: Personal Identification, Driver Licensing, Driver License Restoration, Vehicle Registration & Titling, Voting Administration, Job/Employment Opportunities, and Business Contracts.  The presentation focuses on Secretary Johnson’s core values of customer service, election integrity, consumer protection, and community outreach and engagement. All four of these goals are achieved through this presentation. Community leaders and local organizations are invited to assist in presenting these topics.

Who is the target audience for SOS-101? Any organization (public or private) and anyone, regardless of age or occupation, living in or traveling through Michigan!

How long is the SOS-101 presentation? Depending on the needs of the organization, SOS-101 can be presented in as little as a half hour or, for the full presentation, an hour and a half. The presentation is tailored to the organization. All seven functions of the SOS are presented but more time is spent on the area most important to the group/organization.

What has been the response to SOS-101 from other organizations or attendees? More than 1,000 Michiganders have attended 22 SOS-101 presentations across the state. Of those completing the post- presentation evaluation, one hundred percent found the presentation beneficial and would recommend the presentation to others. Organizations that have participated include: community centers, churches, Michigan Works organizations, clerks associations, colleges and universities, veterans groups, volunteer service organizations, other government entities, bar association, and local chambers of commerce.

What topics do you cover and will they apply to me and my organization/group? SOS-101 covers the following seven functions of the Michigan Department of State:

  • Personal Identification – Know what you need and who can get an ID.
  • Driver Licensing – Teen and adult driving and testing.
  • Driver License Restoration – Programs and Driver Responsibility Fee overview.
  • Vehicle Registration & Titling – Buying, selling, insuring, and avoiding rip-offs.
  • Voting Administration – You have the right to vote!
  • Job/Employment Opportunities – Yes, we’re hiring! How to apply.
  • Business Contracts – Supporting local businesses. How to apply.

How do I schedule an SOS-101 presentation for my organization? Click on the tab “How to schedule an SOS-101” or send an email request to Include in your request the desired dates and times, the location, and an organization contact.

Is there a cost for the SOS-101? No. The SOS-101 is a community service and is free of charge.