Who loves waiting in line?

  • Crowd of Cheering PeopleDon’t come into a Secretary of State office if you don’t have to. We’re betting you’d rather be anywhere else.

    Save time by taking advantage of our handy alternatives to waiting in line. Many customers don’t need to visit an office in person.

    All of these services have requirements, so be sure to click on the link for more details.

Check these out . . .

  • Online Online

    ExpressSOS. Anytime. Anywhere. This robust online service offers many services. Check out all the options – including renewing your license plate tabs, print new registration to use until your tabs arrive.

  • Self-Service Stations Self-Service Stations

    You’ve procrastinated in getting your license plate tab? Self-Service Stations quickly print out a license tab. All you need is a credit card and your renewal notice.

  • Mail By mail

    Many services, including driver’s licenses and license plate tab renewals, can be done by mail. Delivery may take three weeks for your tab or driver’s license to arrive.

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