About the Michigan Department of State

The Department of State is the oldest department of Michigan state government and is administered by the secretary of state. Elected to a 4-year term, the secretary of state is a member of the executive branch of government and has constitutional as well as statutory duties. 

The department collects more than $2 billion in revenue each year. Those monies are distributed between the Michigan Transportation Fund and the General Fund and are used for a variety of other purposes as required by law.

In the event of concurrent vacancies in the office of governor and lieutenant governor, including absence from the state, the secretary of state serves as governor. The secretary of state is a voting member of several state boards and commissions, including the State Administrative Board and the Michigan Truck Safety Commission.

The Department of State has contact with more Michigan residents than any other state agency. Customer service is the operative phrase of the secretary of state's office. The Department of State is committed to delivering modern, efficient, cost-effective and convenient service, achieved with innovation, technology, and the energy, vision and experience of its valuable team members. The department serves the citizens of Michigan with programs designed to administer driver and vehicle systems, enhance traffic safety, protect consumers, ensure integrity of records maintained and oversee the statewide elections process.