Statement from Secretary Johnson regarding federal court decision

Image: Elections News

OCTOBER 5, 2012

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson today issued this statement following today's hearing regarding the citizenship question:

We're disappointed because the federal government has refused to help us clean up the Qualified Voter File and now a federal judge has ordered us to not ask people if they're U.S. citizens at the polls.

But our fight for election integrity and for accurate voter rolls will continue. We must continue to remove unqualified voters – those who have died, people who have moved out of state and, yes, noncitizens.

As to noncitizens, our staff has verified cases of noncitizens on our voter rolls. We estimate there are as many as 4,000 individuals on the rolls today.

We will continue to push the federal government – the only ones with the information – to help us identify remaining noncitizens so they can be removed. This was a problem they helped create and they need to help Michigan and other states clean it up. That is just common sense."