Grand Rapids Area SUPER!Center now offers innovative time-saving technology

April 9, 2014Image: Our Customers are number 1

Don't want to wait in person? MI-TIME Line allows customers
to check in online, or by phone, to hold their place in line

GRAND RAPIDS – Customers of the Grand Rapids Area SUPER!Center now can schedule appointments and get in line from a home computer, with a phone call or via text message, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced today.

The office in the Centerpointe Mall at 3601 28th St. SE in Grand Rapids is the 10th in the state to offer the innovative customer-service technology. In the project, the 10 busiest Secretary of State offices are featuring MI-TIME Line to reduce lines and give customers greater convenience.

MI-TIME Line will call or send a text message when the customer is about to be called to the counter, allowing them to avoid waiting in the office. Customers who don't have a mobile phone can stop by the office, check in at a special kiosk and head out of the office to run errands while they wait. People who get in line with a computer or phone don't need to get a paper ticket.

"MI-TIME Line revolutionizes the waiting experience for Secretary of State customers," Johnson said. "Get in line online and then do what you want to do. We'll contact you when it's almost your turn at the counter."

To get in line at the Grand Rapids Area SUPER!Center office from anywhere, customers may call 616-988-3421 or text "grandrapidssos" to 616-710-3915.

In addition to Grand Rapids, MI-TIME Line is offered at SUPER!Centers in Lansing, Flint, Detroit, Pontiac, Livonia and Clinton Township and at PLUS Offices in Troy, Taylor, and Southfield. Another feature of the service is that it allows greater customer feedback and early returns show customers appreciate the convenience.

"The line management system was awesome. Great to get in line from wherever I'm at and get updated by text about the line progress," said one MI-TIME Line customer. "I also like the ability to request more time with a simple text reply."

The Secretary of State's website at will have links to the participating offices and customers can also find participating offices on the Branch Office Locator by searching for "Get in Line Online" offices.

To offer this cutting-edge customer-service technology, the Secretary of State's Office partnered with United States-based QLess, whose line-management service has been successfully used by other driver and motor vehicle agencies, amusement parks, shopping malls, health care and educational facilities to reduce wait times.

"With QLess, Michigan residents can wait how and where they want when visiting Secretary of State offices, opening up lost time to address needs of their everyday life—from running errands to focusing more on a job," said QLess CEO and Founder Alex Bäcker. "We congratulate Michigan on its commitment to improving customer service by catering to its residents' mobile lifestyle. Since QLess first launched at the Flint and Lansing SUPER!Centers, we have freed numerous people from the stress of waiting in line, simplifying appointments right in the palm of their hands."

The new technology is the latest in Johnson's efforts to improve customer service. In 2011, she launched to offer some of the department's most popular services online. As part of, customers can use the special Print-and-Go service that allows customers to print off a proof of purchase for tabs to carry until their tabs arrive in the mail.

To find Secretary of State office locations and services, visit Sign up for the official Secretary of State Twitter feed at and Facebook updates at Online services are available at

Customers may call the Department of State Information Center to speak to a customer-service representative at 888-SOS-MICH (767-6424).


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