Secretary of State Johnson suspends licenses of auto dealers in Oakland, Washtenaw Counties

Stamp Out FraudNOVEMBER 9, 2017

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced today that the licenses of two used-auto dealers in Pontiac and Ypsilanti have been summarily suspended for failure to follow proper procedures required by law.

The auto dealers Johnson suspended are:

  • One Stop Marketing LLC, 820 Cesar E. Chavez Ave. in Pontiac. The dealer has allegedly and repeatedly failed to apply for title and registration in purchasers’ names within the required 15 days, misused temporary registrations and failed to have properly assigned titles in possession as required by law. The Secretary of State’s Office of Investigative Services is aware of at least four dealer transactions that remain unprocessed for vehicles sold in July and August. The summary suspension order was issued Nov. 3.
  • Huss Auto Sale Inc., 1215 E. Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti. When a Secretary of State regulatory agent visited the dealership to conduct a compliance inspection in September, there were vehicles in the lot but the facility was allegedly closed during posted business hours. When the agent returned a short time later, the facility and lot were vacant and, again, no inspection of dealership records could take place. The summary suspension order was issued Nov. 2.

Unprocessed automotive sales, or those processed late, can cause consumer harm as an expired or improperly issued temporary registration subjects the customer to potential law enforcement issues, including impoundment of their vehicle. Dealer records are required by law to be maintained and made available for inspection during reasonable or established business hours for a period of five years. A dealer that does not maintain records and make them available for inspection compromises the integrity of the records relied upon by the Secretary of State and law enforcement.

“We take our responsibility to safeguard consumers from unscrupulous auto dealers seriously,” Johnson said. “Most auto dealers are reputable business people who follow the rules, but if we determine a dealer is operating outside the law, we will take action.”

As part of her focus on strengthening her office’s consumer protection efforts, Johnson created the Office of Investigative Services, which investigates and inspects automotive-related businesses.

Consumers who have purchased vehicles from One Stop Marketing or Huss Auto Sale and have not received a title and registration should call the Office of Investigative Services automotive complaint line at 517-335-1410.

Dealers may request an administrative hearing to contest their suspension and regain their license if they show they’ve complied with the law. Additional administrative actions are also possible. 


For media questions, please call Fred Woodhams at 517-373-2520.

Customers may call the Department of State Information Center to speak
to a customer-service representative at 888-SOS-MICH (767-6424).