SOS Johnson makes Reading Month visit to Schoolcraft Elementary in Waterford

SOS has fun with kids - plays game for reading month

MARCH 29, 2018

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson visited Schoolcraft Elementary School in Waterford today in observance of National Reading Month and talked about the importance of having strong reading skills.

Johnson was a special guest for third and fourth graders at the school. She read "Little Michigan" by Denise Brennan-Nelson and played a trivia game, answered questions and took group photos with the kids.

During March, schools stress the importance of reading for future success in academics and in the workplace, and welcome guests to read to children

"Reading gives us a foundation for learning and success in life," Johnson said. "It is also an activity that sparks our imagination and, as the humor columnist Dave Barry has described it, 'a vacation for the mind.'

"I hope you’ll help celebrate National Reading Month by picking up a good book – or downloading a good e-book – and encouraging others to read as well."

Secretary of State Reading Month video

SOS talks with kids


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