Repeat Offender Inquiry

Image of Car in chains

The Repeat Offender inquiry allows dealers and others to learn if a vehicle purchaser is ineligible for license plates and subject to registration denial under Michigan's "Repeat Offender Law" (MCL 257.219). This law prohibits the Department of State from registering any vehicle owned, co-owned, leased, or co-leased by certain repeat offenders.

Use the link below to go to the Repeat Offender website.

Vehicle Registration Status Inquiry

NOTE: This database is updated nightly. Dealers should take appropriate precautions to protect their interest in the vehicle in addition to checking the database. These precautions may include:

  • Obtaining all signatures at the bottom of the RD-108 form;
  • Requiring all purchasers to sign the Registration Eligibility Declaration Form; and,
  • Processing transactions with the Secretary of State prior to delivering vehicles to purchasers